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Governance view

We undertook the job of collating and benchmarking financial data for a major Iwi PSGE to create a live viewpoint for the governance team. We worked with the various teams to develop business plans, business canvases, budgets, and advice about the state of the assets. As an outcome there was a restructure to create a corporate services function within the PSGE. The key outputs were:​

  • Business Plans for all the teams / Advice regarding asset acquisitions (pre-restructure)​
  • Subsequent advice regarding farm acquisition & nurseries site redevelopment or sale (strategies & plans)​
  • A high-level review of digital systems & advice​
  • Digital contract management full setup & implementation​
  • Post restructure integrated plans for:​
  • Shared Corporate services design​
  • Tribal Development service design​
  • Environmental service design​